Buddhist jewelry: Symbolisms And Meanings

Normally, jewelry is used to improve one’s fashion style. That is not the case for those who believe in Buddhism. These jewelry are used to symbolize different things and some of its features have different meanings. Many years ago, it was discovered that the best way to get free from suffering is to live the middle way. The middle way is living a perfect balance life which means staying at the point between the highest and the lowest of life. This means that there are no positive and negative poles. In this way, the world can have a peaceful and harmonious way of living. To know more about this jewelry and its meanings, some of it will be discussed in this article.

Living the Middle Way

Lotus ring – It symbolizes revelation, revival, and being rooted to the ground as signified by the lotus flower.

Dharma pendant – A pendant engraved with different meanings. It highlights the sacred fig leaf as well as the Dharma wheel, one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism which shows the path to awakening and freedom from suffering.

Happiness ring – This ring is engraved with Hebrew words that say, “This will also change” which the main purpose is to remind the wearer how short life is and that change is the only permanent thing in the world.

The same way some of the jewelry such as wedding rings which reminds a couple of their vows, and their loyalty and love to each other, rings in the Buddhist jewelry also remind whoever wears it to remain loyal and faithful to his or her service. These jewelry are not just for display or for enhancing an outfit. These things are used to symbolize different things and to remind the bearer to live the middle way in order to have happy, balance, and peaceful life.


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