Commercial vacuums For Your Hardwood Floors

A clean small house is better than a mansion with clutter everywhere. Cleaning the house is one of the most critical for mothers. Everyone wants a clean house. It is your home. It is where you rest. It is where you bond with your family. A house is no good for playing, eating, sharing or even staying if there are dust-bunnies everywhere. It is not safe for kids either. And Yes, it is is a tough run for one woman. However, there are appliances that would help your house be dustless. Broom and dustpan might take a lot of time. With vacuums, you may achieve that clean air that is free from dirt that causes sickness to the family.

Hardwood floors are very hot these days. It reflects a clean and wide illusion to our home. Well, everyone needs to maintain those floor free from specks of dust.

How to find a Commercial vacuum cleaner that is perfect for your hardwood floor?

  • Canister vacuum- the canister vacuum is perfect for hardwood floors.

  • Strong suction power- For hardwood floors, A strong suction power is a need because some dust or little items might get stuck in holes or any cracks on the floor. Strong suction power is not good for carpet because it might suck the carpet fibers or damage it.
  • Check the brush – Find a brush that is not thick. Look underneath the brush, see if it won’t damage or scratch your floors after cleaning. You don’t want to see a scratch or any flaws in your floors? don’t you?
  • Lightweight vacuum- This is more preferred, since heavy vacuums may put pressure on the floors. Friction from moving the vacuum all around the house might scratch or damage the floor which we are avoiding to do.

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