How to Elo Boost The Normal Way

If you ever want to gain higher ranks in League of Legends, make sure that you know how to boost your Elo. Elo is a rating system that’s used by the game as a basis for your skill level. Before a game begins, the Elo for each team member will be used in order to predict who has the odds of winning the team. Your Elo will go higher or lower depending on how much you win or lose the games you play. There is also a specific formula to perfectly calculate your Elo as well.

But if you’re just concerned about boosting it in order to prove that you have the skills to play LoL at higher ranks, then learn how to do the following in order to do an Elo boost by yourself:

Play Better

As said earlier, the Elo is a metric that’s used by the game in order to determine your overall skills in playing the game. If you want to play LoL in the best way possible, learn how to play the game in a better way. We are not talking about being versatile in choosing various Champions. as well as learn the gameplay of your favorite Champion until your mater it. You also have to learn how to play well with your teammates, learn when will be the right time to retreat, and stop being a toxic player to your teammates. In this way, your ELO will definitely rise up, leading you towards more ways to raise your ranking.

Take Care of your Body and Brain
Playing computer games is just the same as playing sports; you have to condition your body well before you play a single game. The brain will not work well if you’re hungry, and it will just stress you as you play the game. What’s worse is that you will also play terrible while blaming other players. Eat and drink water properly before you play a game in order to make your brain function well. You should also have proper sleep, and avoid getting drunk when raising your rank in the game.

Only Choose Champions You’re Good At
Raising Elo doesn’t really mean that you have to carry the whole team towards victory. Simply choose the champions and roles that you’re good at, and improve on that part only. There is no need for you to choose the best heroes in the game, as each of us have our own unique skills when playing LoL. Just improve what you can use and do, and you will definitely gain a boost in Elo.

These are tips that are not just meant for boosting Elo, but it’s also what pro players know for them to become better and better, even if they already are.

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